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From self-adhesive hooks and bottle openers, to door stoppers and spray bottles – Kiboni GmbH manufactures and distributes a wide range of handy household products, featuring trendy designs to international retailers and wholesaler companies. The majority of the products are manufactured in Germany. Our strength lies in the high quality and stability of the materials as well as our capability to supply very quickly. At our central warehouse in Augsburg, ninety per cent of our product range is in stock. Furthermore, we meet our customer’s individual requirements when it comes to colour, branding and packaging.

Useful designer products

“Design for everyone, every day.” is our vision. With this objective, and the collaboration of top designers, we re-define everyday items and transform them into elegant, affordable and long-lasting companions for daily life. Kiboni stands for perfectly proportioned, functional and pure designs. Our range can currently be ordered in Germany, France, England, Scandinavia, Japan and the US.
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Kishwar Zuberi

Kishwar Zuberi is the strategic engine of Kiboni. She already managed both the product development department and export at Kiboni`s predecessor Propper. Today as the managing director of Kiboni GmbH, she collaborates with renowned designers and pursues a clear strategy to expand the business: A constant expansion of the product range as well as the distribution channels. “Due to our factories in Germany, we are able to deliver quickly within Europe and produce individually customised products very quickly. Our growing network of distributors and manufacturers ensures a high quality and smooth process.”

Nicholai Wiig-Hansen

Nicholai Wiig-Hansen is the creative head at Kiboni. The self-made industrial designer is known for his strong sense for perfect proportion. He has designed award-winning design classics for top brands. It is his passion to establish an equally high aesthetic standard for consumer goods, to match the standards of interior objects. Many of his works are included in the permanent collection of Design Museum Denmark and the “Neue Sammlung” in Munich. Aside from his function as creative director at Kiboni, Wiig-Hansen shares his artistic vision as a visiting professor with the students at the Swiss University of Arts Ecal, one of the most famous Design schools of the world.

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Dedication and accuracy

Kiboni produces many of its bestsellers in Germany. This allows us to control the quality and availability of our products.  Since many years, we work successfully with rehabilitation centers where most of our assembly and finishing works are carried out.
We are pleased to engage people with disabilities in the manufacturing processes of our products. Our partner institutions benefit from regular inflow of work which fits perfectly in their working field, in return we benefit from their manual and technical capabilities. Thus, many of our products are developed in mutual appreciation and value.

“Whenever I visit the Workshops, I experience people who work with joy and accuracy. This cooperation has helped us a great deal in the past. Our aim and intention is to further develop more “Made in Germany” products with the assistance of our partners.”

Kishwar Zuberi

Top picture: employee of the Zittau-Workshop
Middle picture: Kiboni visiting the Ulrich-Workshop of Caritas in Augsburg
Below picture: view in the production of the Zittau-Workshop

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